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Locked Rotating Medication Dispensers

Locking Pill Organizers

It’s not always possible for family members or caretakers to monitor medication intake. Using a locking pill organizer gives family members, loved ones, and caretakers peace of mind, knowing that an effective solution is in place. These useful devices also allow the patient to feel more independent and in control while ensuring proper dosages and schedules are maintained.

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How They Work

Rotating medication dispensers have multiple compartments that store medications and supplements. At the designated time, an alarm or flashing light (or both) notifies the patient, and the tray automatically rotates to open the compartment and provide access to the pills. Depending on which locking pill organizer you select, you may also be able to subscribe to a monitoring service that delivers a reminder phone call if a dose is missed.

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If you need assistance selecting the right automatic pill dispenser with lock for your patient or loved one, please call us now at (203) 235-TECH (8324), or use our contact form. We’re committed to improving the quality of life for those you care about and we only sell innovative, top-quality solutions that you can count on. Order a locking pill organizer with confidence today.