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Automatic Stove Shutoff Systems

Automatic stove shutoff systems are must-have kitchen safety devices that prevent fires caused by leaving the stove unattended. Installing them in homes or facilities where senior citizens reside promotes their safety and the safety of others while also delivering peace of mind. Assisted Living Technologies carries the most dependable stove shutoff devices from trusted brands like CookStop and FireAvert.

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Motion Detection

The CookStop system uses motion detection to determine whether it’s safe to leave a stove running or if it should be turned off. The device continuously scans the room, and if motion isn’t detected for a certain amount of time, it automatically turns off the stove. The device can also be programmed to lock out the stove from cooking on specific days and specific times, reducing the risk of fires during restricted cooking times. These automatic stove shutoff systems are easily customizable so you can create an ideal solution for your client or loved one’s living situation.

Smoke/Fire Detection

The FireAvert system relies on an existing smoke detector. When the smoke detector alarm sounds, the FireAvert device immediately disconnects power from the stove. This innovative device uses a patented syncing feature that responds only to the specific audible sound signature of the home’s smoke detector, preventing false alarms while ensuring reliability.

Save on Dependable Kitchen Safety Systems

Automatic stove shutoff systems don’t affect the performance of the stove, but what they do is so important. You never want to have to use one, but it’s comforting to know that they’re there when you need them. For further information, please call us at (203) 235-8324 or contact us online. Protect your client or loved one with a stove shutoff device.