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Call Button for the Elderly & More

If you care for a disabled family member or client, you know that preventing falls is essential to keeping them as healthy and safe as possible. A call button for elderly and special needs individuals provides a clear solution, ensuring that caretakers are notified as soon as the individual presses the “Call” button. Whether you require a “Call” button, a Smart Caregiver pager, or other helpful accessories, you can count on Assisted Living Technologies for the best selection of high-tech elderly care equipment.

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Effective Fall Prevention Accessories

For individuals who are elderly or disabled, safety alert products are vital to getting them what they need in a timely fashion without having to yell for assistance. We carry devices that provide immediate notification if a resident moves from their safety zone, ensuring that caretakers are able to respond quickly. A call button for elderly or disabled people offers these individuals greater peace of mind and independence. A Smart Caregiver pager facilitates communication that lets you attend the needs of your loved one or client in real-time.

Shop Dependable Caretaker Products

Using the latest in home and facility care products lets you provide the highest level of care for your client or family member. For assistance with selecting the right call button for elderly or disabled individuals, or to learn about our Smart Caregiver pager options, please call (203) 235-TECH (8324) or send us a message through our contact form. Find the high-quality fall prevention accessories you need at Assisted Living Technologies today.