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Emergency Response Systems

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Assisted Living Technologies, Inc. respects your privacy of information. To ensure that we have all of your emergency information correctly, and you are satisfied with the product you plan to order, we insist that you contact us before placing an order. One of our knowledgeable customer support representatives will contact you to complete the order and answer any questions you may have.

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Emergency Response System for Seniors

Every second can count when assisting elderly or special needs individuals who depend on caregivers. For the one you care for, having an emergency response system for seniors or special needs is highly recommended when professional caretakers or family members are absent. An emergency alert system for seniors and special needs individuals helps ensure that your client or your loved one can access help fast, even when the person cannot place a telephone call.

“Push for Help” Buttons

An emergency response system for seniors with a “push for help” button lets the elderly contact emergency assistance with the press of a button, so there is no confusion or delay. A “push for help” button gives individuals more peace of mind in their living environment, so they can focus on enjoying daily life, without worrying about the availability of emergency assistance.

Fall Detection Pendants

In addition to having a help button option, a fall detection pendant is an alert system for seniors that recognizes falls and then calls for assistance. Once the pendant is properly set up, the person can slip it on and go about their day. Even if your client or loved one cannot press the pendant’s button, the pendant provides an automatic alert, ensuring that no fall goes unnoticed. Assisted Living Technologies offers fall detection options for both our in-home and on-the-go medical alert systems.

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If you need help selecting an emergency response system for seniors or those with special needs, call us today at (203) 235-TECH (8324), or use our contact form. We are committed to supplying innovative alert system for seniors and special needs. Place your order today.