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Smart Caregiver

Smart Caregiver is a respected brand that is known for selling affordable, high-quality fall prevention and anti-wandering devices. The company’s products are used by top assisted living facilities and independent caregivers around the world. A Smart Caregiver bed alarm and sensor pad, for example, can reduce injuries by helping to prevent falls before they happen.

The Story Behind the Brand

Smart Caregiver was founded in 1994. Since then, the brand has continued to provide innovative fall prevention and anti-wandering products for over 200,000 residents and 9,000 care facilities. The company strives to meet the demand for highly effective, cutting-edge monitoring products that are affordable to implement at home and in facilities.

The company also provides an exceptional level of customer support, offering users expert assistance with product education, training, and technical support, so caregivers — and those whom they care for — get the most out of what Smart Caregiver products offer. On the Smart Caregiver website, the company’s value statement explains what they hope to accomplish:

“Smart Caregiver Corporation is committed to supplying the least expensive and best quality patient monitors, so that caregivers can afford the quantity of monitors necessary to keep their residents safe.”

For Seniors & Special Needs

As an example of the company’s solutions, a Smart Caregiver bed alarm and sensor pad notifies you when at-risk clients are about to leave the bed or wander beyond their approved comfort zone, providing the advance warning you need to help prevent an accident.

Smart Caregiver products can be mounted away from the resident’s bed, with no cumbersome wires, eliminating potentially disturbing noises and tripping hazards. All of the fall prevention products we offer are considered non-restraints and comply with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). If your monitoring equipment needs an upgrade, see Smart Caregiver products at Assisted Living Technologies.