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Silent Call

Silent Call is a company that focuses on empowering people who are deaf, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing. The company offers a variety of senior home monitoring and alert products and systems for residential and commercial use. Silent Call products provide alerts for a wide range of in-home occurrences, including smoke, phone calls, weather changes, and doorbells. All of the alerts come from one handy device or portable pager, from which people with hearing or sight impairments receive immediate notifications.

The Story Behind the Brand

Silent Call was founded by George J. Elwell in Waterford, Michigan in 1985. He was inspired to start the company by his brother-in-law who is deaf. Today, the company continues to manufacture its products in the United States, providing unparalleled quality and reliability. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all of its products, as well as a five-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

For Sight and Hearing Impairments

The right senior home monitoring and alert products can make a tremendous difference in an individual’s safety and overall quality of life. Silent Call products fill an essential need, helping people with sight or hearing impairments become more independent. If you, a loved one, or a client is deaf, deaf-blind, or hard of hearing, Silent Call can help. See our products from the company today.