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MyHelp is an effective senior in-home emergency alert system that connects your client or loved one to live 24/7 help. This type of emergency response system assists a wide range of situations, including burglaries, fires, falls, and other emergencies. The main unit is a tableside device, but there are also wearable push-button alert pendants that can be integrated with the system. These wearable push button alert pendants communicate to the main unit with a range of up to 600 feet.

The Story Behind the Brand

In the event of an emergency, MyHelp allows your loved one to connect with emergency dispatch services. Modern communication technologies can be difficult for the elderly and people with special needs to use, and the MyHelp senior in-home emergency alert system simplifies the process by providing immediate access to EMD-certified operators (or family members/caretakers) with the push of a button.

Home Monitoring for Seniors

Having an emergency response system available gives peace of mind to your loved one, as well as their family and caretakers. MyHelp is a powerful, comprehensive support system that is compatible with traditional phone systems, VOIP, and even Magic Jack. MyHelp is also offered as a cellular option for those who do not have a landline telephone in their home. Contact Assisted Living Technologies to learn more about this essential senior in-home emergency alert system, and place your order today.