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MedMinder Pill Dispenser

MedMinder creates top-quality medication dispensers. A locking pill box is a simple yet effective way to prevent senior citizens, the chronically ill, and people with disabilities from intentionally or accidentally misusing potentially harmful medications. Assisted Living Technologies offers MedMinder pill dispensers that provide precise reminders and notifications, helping patients to become more independent.

The Story Behind the Brand

Located in the greater Boston area, MedMinder pill dispensers are comprehensive medication management products that offer more independence and peace of mind to those who need them. In addition to locking pill organizers, the company sells non-locking models that are equally easy and comfortable to use. The brand’s innovative products use patent-protected technology, and the pills cups are produced using FDA-approved materials.

For Seniors & Special Needs

A pill box with reminder and notification features is an effective tool for ensuring consistent medication compliance for seniors, the chronically ill, and those with disabilities. These organizational devices are vital for ensuring proper medications are taken at the correct times.

It is not always possible to provide 24/7 care for a client or loved one who lives independently. In this situation, a MedMinder pill dispenser provide peace of mind for caregivers that is hard to achieve otherwise. Assisted Living Technologies offers these medication management products you need to provide attentive care for your client or loved one.